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Welcome to our site. We are a mother-daughter team spending quality time together running a successful business. Despite our struggles with sensory issues we are knowledgable, helpful and discreet working to get the products you need to help your family over the bumps.

I wish I had a lap pad for my daughter when she was in primary school. It hurt me to no end to walk into her classroom and see her sitting off in a corner, in the back of the room at her desk that had a 3 sided box around it so she couldn't see anyone else in the room. A lap pad would have done wonders for her 33 years ago. Moving ahead, she now helps other children who have sensory issues by making weighted blankets. I on the other hand am the fidgeter, always having to do something to keep busy, so I make the lap pads, sensory and I spy bags.

Contact Cindy at Made By Grandmas Hands
545 Malpeque Rd, Charlottetown PEI, Canada
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Contact Victoria at Country Bum Babies
881 New Glasgow Rd, Ebenezer PEI, Canada
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