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bulk white poly-pellets

Poly-Pellets $7.00 per pound. 1 pound = about 3 cups
Inquire about discounts for larger quantities
Call 902 218 0161 email Cindy arrange pick-up

Our Poly-Pellet Beads are BPA Free and Non-Toxic, made from new material.

We garantee the poly pellets are prime pellets, are smooth and free of any edge that may snag fabric. They are also not made from recycled material like other pellets. As well our pellets are mold and moisture resistant, hypoallergenic, can be put in washer and as well household dryer.

Our Plastic Pellets are ideal for weighted blankets, weighted lap blankets, pads, sensory fidget pads, sensory and I spy bags, crafts such as worry pets and crochet animals, and sleep masks. Our Poly Pellets hold up after years of use and don't break down, are white in colour and they do float in water.

We are hearing more and more people convey to us what they are using poly-pellets for and you would be surprised at many uses today: here are a few, Poly-Pellets are used in dolls and stuffed animals to provide weight in the base and help them sit upright. They are the perfect material to use in nursing homes for weighted vests, in church a useful fidget lap pad, in schools they are allowing small weighted lap pads, a shoulder snake for pain and stiffness, door draft blockers, weighted blankets for restless legs at night, full body blankets to help boost serotonin levels for better sleep, PTSD, FM pain, and other sensory sensitivities.