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Poly Pellets by the pound

polypropylene pellets

Poly Pellets PEI are plastic polymer pellets that are non-toxic, machine wash and dry, smooth rounded high quality pellets. These are the best pellets used in therapy weighted blankets, lap pads and sensory bags. One pound of pellets is 3 cups

Polly Pellets are sold by the pound
1 (one) pound = $7.00

Sensory I spy Bags

Sensory eye spy bag

Sensory or I Spy Bags are flannelette or cotton. Sensory Bags are approximately 10 inches by 8 inches, come with 20 or so colourful objects hidden in amongst poly pellets with a tag on the side indicating what is in the i spy bag. These bags are fantastic for young people on long car rides, seniors who need a little extra fidgeting, and everyone who ever has to sit in a waiting room. I recommend these bags for all ages.

Sensory Bags are $20 each and come with an I spy menu

Weighted Lap Pads

polypropylene pellet weighted blanket

Lap Pads are a wonderful gift to give any senior, child or adult who needs that little extra grounding. A Lap Pad is recommended at work, school and riding in a car. A weighted lap pad helps to relax your body using deep pressure on joints and muscles. It also stimulates learning, improves touch tolerance and helps to increase attention span.

The recommended weight of your lap pad should be about 5% of your body weight as a guideline. I have a grand-son who would never lay still having his diaper changed. I now put a lap pad on him and he stays still while I change him.

Lap Pads are the fabric of your choice, you just mention what the person has a favourite of, and I'll go search out at the fabric store then sending you pictures of high quality fabric from our local Charlottetown Store. You choose which fabric you like best. Once the lap pad is paid for I will purchase the fabric and start working on your lap pad. I need 1 to 3 days to complete your order, longer during holiday times.

Lap Pads are weighted 16" x 21" approx

Adult Weighted Blankets

weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are priced according to fabric and weight. Below is an estimated cost. Keep in mind your blanket should be 10% of your body weight and blankets are between 40 and 42 inches wide and approximately 78 inches long. We have ready-to-purchase blankets. If you are looking for a pattern/colour let us know colour and pattern and we will find a fabric that is your choice, once your fabric is chosen and blanket is ordered we can start sewing. Turnaround time is approximately 4 days but can be up to 1 week.

Child's Weighted Blanket / Lap Blanket

A Child's Blanket is also a Large Lap Blanket. These blankets are also custom made according to colour and patterned fabric chosen. We do have ready to purchase child size weighted blankets / lap blankets.

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